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Averia has a very unique component in its gravitational fields, allowing masses of land to grow in the sky. Mysterious unending water sources can be found on these islands as well, creating infinite waterfalls that cascade down through the sky. Aurami tend to inhabit these land masses and build their Sanctuaries on them to keep safe from human hunters.

Averia is a massive planet, rivaling the size of our planet Jupiter, and thus, the species has still not adventured to all corners of it yet, even after inhabiting it for over 500 thousand documented years. The term Averia is used as a name to both the mass of land that houses all Sanctuaries, as well as the planet itself.

Cherry Blossom

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These biomes are filled with cherry blossom trees and shallow pools of water. They are home to a great deal of wildlife, ranging from mythical creatures to edible plants and flowers. During winter months, they are coated with a dusting of snow and the pools of water will freeze, although the cherry blossom trees never lose their flowers. These biomes are rather common, and tend to be hard for Aurami to set up home in as their species has trouble adapting to colder climates. These biomes' lakes and rivers are rich in precious metals including gold and silver, which can be used to create Crystal Wands and Healing Charms.