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In Aurami lore, Crystals are used as the main method of currency. It is the same way for us here in the Aurami community! We are still building on the uses of crystals, so keep an eye out for future updates!

Crystals can be used as an alternative currency to purchase

some items in the Aurami Shop!

Here is the conversion rate of Crystals to US Dollars!


$1.00 = 75

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There is many ways for you to earn Crystals! To earn/track your crystals, you must be a part of our Discord Server. Once you have joined our server, you can find the Crystal Inventory listed in the #info channel.


Here is a list of the ways you can earn Crystals, and how much you will earn through each method!

Purchasing an Aurami


Purchasing an Aurami or Custom Aurami of any rank. Re-sold Aurami do not count for this.


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Simple Art

Drawing or commissioning a simple piece of art featuring an Official Aurami. This includes sketches, colored sketches or simple styled chibis.

+ 50

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Donate Prize

Donating any prize of art to one of our contests/events! Crystals can be added after prize is finished.

+ 50

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Complex Art

Drawing or commissioning a complex piece of art featuring an Official Aurami. This includes fully colored pictures, pictures with backgrounds and complex chibis.

+ 100

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