Thank you for considering joining the Aurami Discord server!

Please be sure to read over the discord rules listed below before joining ♡

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• Please be kind to the staff and other members. Swearing is not encouraged, and please do not be offensive to anyone else in the server or start/fuel fights. Please take any arguments about personal topics to DMs and just enjoy yourself! We are trying to keep this server a positive, enjoyable space for people to come together, and we greatly appreciate our members doing the same ♡


• Do not tag @here or @everyone.

• Please keep chats in their proper channels!

• If you have any questions, you can state them in the #questions channel followed by tagging a staff member. Remember to read about the species on the Aurami site before asking questions, as your answer may already be there!


• Anything NSFW is not permitted in this server. You may draw NSFW art of Aurami, but please do not share it in the server.

• To be granted access to the server channels please fill out an intro form found in the pins!

• Click the button below to join the server!