Closed Species by ViPOP

In present day, Aurami trained in choir teach Fairy Vials at the Sky palace, as Fairy Vial magic is expressed by singing and hymns. Fairy Vials can harmonize with other fairy vials , Aurami, elements like wind, or animals like birds. Together, Aurami and Fairy Vials carry supreme magic capability.

Averia & Asteria

Averia is the world of Aurami, where gentle angelic healers which reside within floating cathedrals. Before life populated Averia, the planet was struck by an asteroid and a significant portion drifted off in space, thus becoming what is now known as Asteria, the world of Fairy Vials. The debris from the event formed two of the moons which orbit Averia now, and one moon which orbits Asteria. When the asteroid struck, the impact left a concave surface with crystals at the very bottom. Water slowly filled the area to create a pond in each world. The connection of the crystals in both worlds maintains a portal between Averia and Asteria, thus forming the "Portal Pond." Due to the refractive nature of crystals, the pond sparkles when the water's surface is disturbed, unique to only portal ponds.


Portal Ponds

Travelling between worlds is harsh on the body. In order to maintain the integrity of one's existence, it is recommended to stay within areas that the body can manage. Aurami are pure beings with strong magical auras. Their bodies are best suited to stay within fairy realms which carry strong magical cores. Going near areas without strong magical cores, especially human settlements, will be poisonous on the body. If an Aurami strays from the path of fairy realms, they will see the environment slowly becoming black and decayed. Humans will be seen as ghosts and dark creatures, an indication that this is a dangerous part of the world they have traveled to. The purity of an Aurami is determined by the Gatekeeper. She asks all travelers to look into the portal pond and describe what they see. Dark mystics, having used dark magic, cope with travelling between worlds better and can withstand environments without strong magical cores.

Hunters & The Great War

Hunters in Averia are natural enemies of Aurami. In Asteria, hunters are the enemies of Fairy Vials, dragon-riding humans who seek to reap the benefits of magic. The hunters within the Fairy Vial World who have sought out fairy dust now begin to take an interest in Aurami. Utilizing dragons, they plan a large attack on the floating cathedrals. They attempt to enter the portal pond and travel to Averia to carry out their attack. They leave destruction and chaos behind them in both worlds. The Fairy Vials and Aurami conjure a high scale magical circle to trap the intruders and seal them forever. However, the portal pond had been destroyed in the process. Several Aurami and Fairy Vials are stranded in the other's world. As a sign of respect, the Fairy Vials build a statue of Aurami to show how valiant they are. Aurami decorate the area where the pond used to be with flowers to mourn the lost Aurami and their connection to the Fairy Vial world. On the one year anniversary of the Great War, Fairy Vials and Aurami in both worlds gather to their respective portal ponds. They sing the song of their companions, which resonates across the galaxy and reforms the connection between the worlds. A new portal pond is formed and again, Aurami and Fairy Vials are united.