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"Magic used by Aurami is charged by naturally occurring crystals in Averia, which are of extremely high value due to their powers."

When crystals are worn as Healing Charms by Aurami, it gives them the ability to heal rapidly from injuries. These crystals are also used by Aurami in their Crystal Wands, allowing them to perform their magic. This magic is used for healing others, as well as casting blessings and curses. Alternatively, it can be used for creating defensive/attack spells in battle.


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Magic can appear to the eye as many different colors and take on unlimited forms. The most common appearances of it are an intricate spell circle, figures/shapes that appear translucent and glow, as well as auras. An Aurami wearing Healing Charms will have a magnificent aura that is sadly invisible to most humans.

Crystals have a multitude of uses for Aurami, and are a large part of their species' culture. Crystal Wands and Healing Charms are handmade similar to how jewelry is crafted. They are constructed by a select few Aurami in each community, as very few know the methods used to create these items through magic and precious metals. Humans also see great value and status in owning crystals, Crystal Wands and Healing Charms. When crystals are turned into Healing Charms, humans can use them for healing, but they only receive a very slight effect compared to Aurami. Crystal Wands on the other hand, are completely useless to humans.

Crystals are generally found in caves, at the bottom of lakes and oceans, and near dangerous volcanoes.