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Aurami are an ancient species, with the earliest records dating back around 500 thousand years. They have co-existed along with many other species in Averia through the millennia, though their biggest danger is human hunters. Humans began relocating to the massive island of Averia where the Aurami population resides around 10 thousand years ago.

1m = 1 Millennium (1 Thousand Years)

Ages of Chaos

[ ??? - 500m ] The ancient ages of Averia are very mysterious. All that is currently known about the times before Aurami were created is that Averia was an island of chaos. Wars were rampant, civilizations crumbled, and any recorded history of these times was burned in a massive fire that engulfed most of Averia.

Celestial Era

[ 500m - 51m ] The heavens couldn't bare watching Averia crumble any longer, as they knew it had great potential. An army of 1000 Aurami were manifested into Averia amidst the chaos in order to spread their healing magic to the land. Healing the remaining forms of life in Averia took a very long time, and it was said that half of this Era alone was dedicated to restoring harmony. The second half of the Celestial Era was dedicated to creating beauty. Many Cathedrals were constructed, as well as beautiful temples and gardens within their floating settlements.

Unholy Anarchy

[ 51m - 50m ] The 500 Year War The harmony of the Celestial Era came to an end around 100 milenniums ago. The kingdom of Aurami was faced with a great danger, an evil force that took the form of a raven. This raven approached lone Aurami and used their weaknesses to manipulate them, convincing them to pursue black magic for their own benefit. The Aurami that gave into this dark magic were given the title of Dark Mystic. This lead to the first great war of Averia, between Aurami of light and those who pursued the darkness. The war ended with a pact. Dark Mystics were allowed to live in Sanctuaries with the Aurami of light but, they were not to interact or spread their beliefs in the power of dark magic.

New Beginnings

[ 50m - 5m ] A few centuries after the war of Unholy Anarchy, a magical pond within Averia was discovered. This pond acted as a portal between worlds. When dove into, Aurami would be transported to the world of Asteria. This world was inhabited by many fascinating creatures, most notable being Fairy Vials! As the two species interacted and became friends, they managed to make many advancements together with the uses of magic and crystals. During this time, humans discovered the massive island of Averia and began building settlements there, as well as hunting Aurami.

The Great War

[ 5m ] The 30 Day War This peace would not last long. Fairy Vials resided safely within the protection of Fairy Realms, which were fortified with illusion based magic that kept them concealed from humans in Asteria. Barrier magic was also used to prevent hunters from entering these realms. The portal pond opened a vulnerable location for these hunters - due to the distortion of space and dimensions while traveling through the portal, the magic barriers within the pond were disputed and therefore weakest. Hunters soon learned of Aurami and thought of them as another species they could prey on. After learning of this vulnerability, they spent years planning an attack. Everything came together very quickly after all of the careful planning by humans, and the war ended up lasting 30 days. This war involved human hunters and dragons from Asteria using the portal pond to attack both the Aurami and Fairy vials in Averia. The war ended with the destruction of the Portal Pond, and many lives were lost.

Holy Era

[ 5m - Current ] After the Great War came to an end, Aurami spent a long time recovering. Although it was only 30 days, it resulted in the destruction of two entire Sanctuaries, leaving many homeless. After the attackers were taken care of using high amounts of magic to seal them into marble, Aurami from surrounding settlements worked together to build new Sanctuaries for the homeless. This leads to current time, where the species is finally at peace once more.