Aurami Terms of Service


Thank you for purchasing an Aurami!


The Terms of Service below outlines important rights for owning the adopt! Aurami are a species owned by Fawnbun. When purchasing an Aurami or make your own (MYO), you are purchasing partial rights to the adopt. These partial rights are for personal use only.

All other "Averia Friends" species by Fawnbun follow the same terms of service listed below.

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Fawnbun / Artist Rights

• I retain copyright and intellectual property of any official Aurami designs created by myself. • I reserve the right to use my art on my website, portfolios, merchandise, prints, artbooks, etc. • I reserve the right to ban and terminate the rights to my species for anyone who breaks the Terms of Service. This includes but is not limited to harassment of any individuals, scamming/theft, rude behavior, filing a refund/chargeback, failure to pay in an auction/trade/sale.

Rights of the Buyer

• The buyer may give the design an alternate outfit, name, etc but may not change any of the “traits” features of the adopt. ( Wings, wand, ears, halo, etc. ) • If the buyer would like to use the character design for another species, it must be discussed and agreed upon by Fawnbun and the owner of the other species. An extra price may incur. • The buyer may not reproduce the artwork for any profit. • The buyer may only use the design for personal use. The buyer owns the right to use this character in original artwork by the buyer or by others. Proper crediting is required. • The buyer may NOT use the design for profit. An example of such misuse is selling merchandise of the design, using commissioned artwork for commercial use, etc. • The buyer must disclose any intentions of commercial use and pay an additional fee for commercial rights to the design. Commercial rights do not entail the right to use the Aurami name or lore commercially. This right is reserved for Fawnbun only. • The buyer agrees to have read the Terms of Service in its entirety. • The buyer must inform Fawnbun if they wish to resell/trade the design, as Fawnbun will mediate the reselling/trading. You may sell the Aurami for equal price or less than what was paid to Fawnbun. Even if there is commissioned/extra art, the design may not be resold for more than what it was originally purchased for. • The designs may be purchased as gifts or co-owned, but all parties must agree to these ToS. • The buyer agrees that the design may be used in events, books and other merchandise without interference. Any requests for designs to not be used in events must be submitted within the week before each event and must be accepted by Fawnbun to be official. Not all events are open to requests. • The buyer agrees to the discussed expiration date of their MYO ticket if they purchased a MYO. Expiration will result in nullifying the ticket. There are no refunds. The buyer may apply and purchase another MYO ticket.

Payment / Cancellation / Refund

• Payments will be made with Paypal with USD. • Payments must be made in full before the artwork and design is transferred. • Failure to pay within 48 hours of winning an auction/buying an adopt/MYO ticket will result in a ban from rights to the species. • Payments will be via invoice sent to the buyer by Fawnbun or designated staff. • There are no refunds. I retain the rights to money paid to me or staff. • Filing a chargeback will result in a ban from ever purchasing from Fawnbun. Your name will be posted publicly and you will have a complaint filed against you. • Payment plans must follow the rules below! - Payment plans are only eligible for Aurami totalling over $200. - Payment plans must be payed in entirety within 30 days. - Failure to pay within the designated amount of time will result in forfeiting the money paid, as well as the design, and a temporary ban from the species.


• I am not responsible from any consequences resulting from failure to read the Terms of Service. • Aurami are a closed species, which means that permission to create or own an Aurami must be obtained by Fawnbun. Any concepts made without written permission are not official. • I am not responsible for any fraudulent activity or chargebacks from third parties involving Aurami. • I copyright the Aurami designs I create and the specific details of Aurami lore. They should not be reproduced or heavily referenced. • Please let me know if you have additional questions.